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The Space Between Us 2017

I wasn’t that sure about the movie going in. The concept seemed great but the reviews were bombing this movie. I’ve seen Asa and Garry in many movies so I was curious to see how it would actually be. The movie was a lot better than expected. I think the key to enjoying it is to go in and not expect it to be a certain way. This isn’t meant to be a Sci fi, or a pure teen love story. It’s a conglomerate of a bunch of genres and ideas under one plot. After watching it it’s fair to say the themes the movies give and it’s execution are more than enough to justify this higher score. See more:

The Space Between Us
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The acting was pretty good. I think Asa still has room to improve but there is zero doubt that he’s talented and is getting better each movie he does. The chemistry in movie between Robertson and Butterfield was better than I thought but needed work. It was clear they didn’t know each other that well and that had a lot of nervousness connecting, but that did more good than bad in the end since the story was trying to convey both of them as just meeting each other for real and unsure about how either really was. It isn’t until later on that they connect more which I think both actors executed well. I also believe most reviewers can miss out on the complexity in the relationship. There was a lot more to it than the average teen flick everyone has seen. The actors and lines conveyed how both seemed lost in the world, whether from unpopularity or not knowing how to be human. Through their relationship they both found a part of themselves they needed in life. Tulsa wore a facade that Gardner helped unmask, while Tulsa taught Gardner how to live. There was for sure a lot of cliché but it was a better executed cliché with the devil in the details making it worth while. It almost didn’t seem like cliché since there was so much more to each character and their connection. I would of liked to see more background/time for the characters to develop, but in general the relationship side of this movie was something I enjoyed. Watch more:

The movie was well executed. Just the details are enough for this. The way certain lines and concepts are brought back up, or little pictures and details to notice make this movie all the more enjoyable. The space between us was well directed, and while it’s box office isn’t great there was still some incredible people making this movie possible. The themes and emotions conveyed were the biggest for me. The movie preached an appreciation for earth and for one another, and motivates viewers to be more open with who they are. If you enjoy the ride as you go then you’ll have a good feeling at the end of the movie, and it may even keep you thinking. Overall, if you let it, the Space Between Us can be thrown off as a cool concept that in reality is nothing more than a generic teen drama. But, if you give it a chance and try to embrace the movie for what it is/appreciate its complexity, you can come out really appreciating the movie like I did.

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