Smurfs The Lost Village – Okay movie but has a lot of problems to bring it down

Smurfs-The Lost Village

When I saw the trailer for this, I thought that this didn’t look good. Now I am not against the idea that they refuse to have any live-action parts in it, but I thought that they were milking the Smurfs because they already have three Smurf movies out now. Looking at this movie, the concept was good but was executed poorly. Even if they may be milking the Smurfs, this could still be a fun, comedic movie with good drama and tension to it. See more:

Smurfs The Lost Village
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Now, I am not that familiar with the T.V. series. I saw the first live-action Smurf when it first came out in theaters and it was okay. I didn’t see the second one because it looked silly. So, excuse me if I may have got it wrong about how faithful it is to the cartoon series. But here we go… Papa Smurf narrates the movie and tells about who the Smurfs are, assuming it’s for the new generation of kids who aren’t familiar with the old cartoon series from the 80s. Most of these Smurfs, including the ones from the village don’t seem very distinctive and it’s hard to tell which one is which because they barely have noticeable physical quirks to distinguish them with. I don’t care for the simplistic dialogue, the jokes were corny, the film was predictable, and there’s not enough tension to it. There’s even a scene where you think the main character has died but since she’s clay (who I call some kind of toy), she turns back into a Smurf. Back to the characters, there are some slapstick comedy going on between them, and it’s usually mean and senseless. Also, how did the innocent Smurfette ‘die’ by fighting back Garagoyle with her powers? Gargamel is a mean villain, I know he IS the villain, but he’s still too mean in my taste, and his dialogue doesn’t make sense. His cat is frustrating to watch with his immature personality. And some of the voice acting doesn’t fit the characters, like why do the bunnies neigh like a horse? But then again, why does Gary meow like a cat when he’s a snail? Impressionable kids who are in their early teens or under might ignore this film’s clichés and be wowing at how fun and meaningful it is. Me, I just didn’t care for the characters and I did not sympathize much with what they were going through, but I did get sad when one of the main characters died. I guess I was expecting something a bit more profound and with more development on the characters. Read more:

They didn’t even show much of the Smurfs outside of the main characters, Papa Smurf, the villain and his minions, and the Smurf girls in the village, so I didn’t get to see any surprises that they could do besides what their personality names are known for. Like that one Smurf who bites on a board. In other words, even when they did surprise me with some scenes, it just fell flat. The music, when it doesn’t sound like some pop song was great and fitted in with the action of the scenes. Verdict: Smurfs the Lost Village has some fun parts and some suspense and heart, but its characters are quite unsympathetic because of how clichéd they are. This is probably one of these movies I wouldn’t go back to, and if I do, it’ll only be for the fun parts, but I am likely not sitting through this whole movie again. 5.9/10

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