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Do you want to understand math tricks and forget approximately calculator in your daily live? This math teacher app will assist you to get math abilities and learn intellectual math. Research and train math in cool math games!

Particular capability: pay attention math issues and solution by voice!

The app has amassed the only mental calculation cooler math games tricks. It’s designed as an interactive tutorial with math video games to your brain, wherein you get familiar with each approach, after which exercise it having one of a kind styles of mind workouts. Study of mental arithmetic tricks could be an exciting mind education math video games on your: resolve obligations, get levels, win stars and trophies

The application can be beneficial for all ages

  • College students and youngsters – to grasp the fundamentals of mathematics and mathematics, research multiplication table, put together for math exams and tests, learn how to fold, subtract, multiply, divide, square calculate chances.
  • Adults – to maintain their thoughts and mind in exact shape, improve effects in iq test, quick solve good judgment games.

Getting to know

  • Examine mental calculation tricks for addition, subtraction, multiplication, department, square root, percent of single digits, double digits and triple digits


  • Train excellent by way of passing an examination to get bachelor’s, grasp’s or professor’s diploma
  • Educate speed by solving 10 obligations as rapid as you can to get copper, silver or gold cup
  • Train complexity by means of solving as an awful lot obligations as you need with configurable complexity
  • Teach end result by means of solving as much duties as you can in 60 seconds (brainstorm)
  • Teach staying power by way of solving as a great deal obligations as you want without time limits
  • Work on errors

Online multiplayer

  • Invite buddies to play.
  • Play together with your buddies and random players.


  • Achievements and leaderboards.
  • Statistics of all achievements (tiers, cups, stars).


  • Resolve as lots random tasks as you may in 60 seconds.
  • Contemporary and nice score.
  • Pleasant rating synchronization between put on and hand-held devices.
  • Score among all users with wearable devices.
  • Open the app on hand-held from smartwatch.

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