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Ballerina movies

Some people have criticized this movie because of the stealing scene. For those sensitive enough to have moral qualms about this criminal act and this movie, might just as well also condemn the Best Oscar Motion Picture Les Miserables (2012) for stealing wood in that movie. Subsequently, this criminal act has its consequences. Really for an animated children’s movie the morality of the criminal is not as clear cut as

Seventh Son movies

Greetings again from the darkness. Fantasy adventure films based on popular novels have certainly posted a track record of box office success … sometimes in record-setting style. However, not every entry into this genre need be a Goliath like the “Harry Potter” or “The Lord of the Rings” franchises. There is always room for simpler and still-creative movie-making like The NeverEnding Story or Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Based on

Men in Black 3 movies

Agent J travels in time to MIB’s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. I saw the first trailer of this movie and I thought,”here we go again, another boring sequel” and then the second trailer came out and was good so I thought it was worth a shot. I went to the Cinema with an open mind as

The Lone Ranger movies

Greetings again from the darkness. The Western genre has always appealed to me. I love the clear division between good and bad. Heroes and Villains face-off and the good guys usually win, thereby protecting those too weak to protect themselves. TV had an impressive string of popular westerns: The Rifleman, Maverick, The Big Valley, Rawhide, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke. One of the most popular got it’s start on the radio in

Clash of the Titans - Ridiculous But Satisfying

I admit myself a bit biased (and therefore a failure as a film critic) when it comes to Clash of the Titans for several reasons. Firstly, as a young lad I fell in love with the 1981 original. I still occasionally watch the film, although it is more of a nostalgic experience rather than an entertaining one. Second, as a former student of classical Greek mythology, I’m always interested in

Skyfall movies

I will focus mainly on the story. Story is the most important factor because even if an American pie movie has perfect cinematography and an inspirational score it still remains a American pie movie. So we start out adventure with Bond chasing after a goon who stole a list. Remember the days when Bond could go into a building, kill fifty goons, and burst out in a tank? Those were

Max Steel 2016

Although “Max Steel” is officially based on a toy line put out by Mattel (a fact I’m sure discouraged a lot of people from seeing the movie), it actually has a strong vibe of the 1997 family movie “Star Kid”. That movie was kind of fun, but “Max Steel” is anything but. What went wrong? Well, most of the problems can be found in the screenplay written by Christopher L.

Falcon Rising 2014

John “Falcon” Chapman (MJW) is a suicidally depressed ex-Marine with PTSD whose emotional problems are exacerbated by alcohol abuse. That may seem dark, but things start to look up for Falcon when a new mission gives him renewed purpose in his life. Unfortunately, though, the mission involves his sister Cindy (Ali), who was attacked and hospitalized while in the favelas of Brazil. Falcon arrives in Sao Paulo and proceeds to

The Space Between Us 2017

I wasn’t that sure about the movie going in. The concept seemed great but the reviews were bombing this movie. I’ve seen Asa and Garry in many movies so I was curious to see how it would actually be. The movie was a lot better than expected. I think the key to enjoying it is to go in and not expect it to be a certain way. This isn’t meant