Fire dragon city rescue challenge!

The grand town of dragon robotic warrior got attacked by using enemy force of mech robot and fire dragon that commenced futuristic transformation war. For metropolis survival warrior dragon robotic is prepared to spread its wings, respiratory fire to combat against flying dragons and tremendous robotic. This futuristic robots warfare is for ultimate town survival where first rate robot dragon is prepared to fight in opposition to scary beast with terrific power of dragon robot warrior.
Don’t let your enemies stand in the front of first rate electricity of dragon robot warrior. Take on this most up to date position of brilliant fire dragon and spoil your enemies in today’s action simulator sport Dragon robot Warrior Transformation struggle.
Fight on this futuristic robots conflict for grand city survival. Remarkable robot has excellent transformation capacity with which it can rework into flying dragon. So Flying Dragon robotic! Utilize amazing blaze transformation ability and remodel to notable robot warrior to combat towards land enemies in extreme mech robot struggle.
Breathe fire and get rid of all of the vicious beasts along with fireplace dragon and mech robots who have made lethal invasion in futuristic metropolis. Grasp this mech robotic warfare and crown your self because the fireplace dragon robot warrior by gambling this motion simulator Dragon robot Warrior Transformation war.
Revel in this incredible combo of fire dragon sport and robotic recreation and fight like a actual robotic warrior in futuristic metropolis. Shoot the enemy robots in epic warfare and rule town streets. Enjoy this fantastic Dragon robotic Warrior Transformation struggle and sense the first rate energy of warrior dragon. Be the horrifying dragon robotic hero in futuristic town and battle out land and sky enemies like a actual superhero.
Give up the chaos and destruction in first-rate dragon futuristic town eradicating the opponents with robotic capturing. Download this loose wifi recreation right now and supply your self the title of Dragon robot Warrior Transformation battle.
  • Fire dragon city rescue challenge!
  • Conflict against flying dragon and robotic enemies!
  • Fine HD pics with terrific animations in epic dragon tale!
  • Tough and attractive ranges of legend robotic capturing games 2018!
  • Spread wings, chase infinite enemies and smash them all!
  • User pleasant and clean controls for flying robot taking pictures!

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