Asphalt Xtreme Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Asphalt Xtreme Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Asphalt Xtreme is the latest title in Gameloft’s long running Asphalt series. This time round, the racing action is taken off-road as you find yourself using buggies, rally cars, SUVs, and muscle cars, to negotiate some tricky terrain.


It prides itself on its ‘pick up and play’ mentality, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you could learn beforehand.

Gamezebo’s Asphalt Xtreme Tips, Cheats and Strategies are here to advise you on exactly what to expect.

The Importance of Nitro

The nitro button is useful. Simply tapping it consumes one chunk, while hitting it multiple times makes it stronger.

You can restore the nitro bar by picking up powerups during the race. That’s not the only means in which to replenish it, though.

Drift for long enough and you speed up how fast the nitro recharges.

Best of all – if you boost with three full bars of nitro then wait till it goes red before boosting, you can recharge it even while still boosting. In theory, you can accumulate a huge chain of nitro boosting, especially if you use a vehicle that recharges quickly. It’ll take some practice but it’s worth it.

Destroy any junk in the way and you can gain a little more for your nitro bar. It’s an easy way of gaining a recharge.

Nitro is best used for overtaking, but it has additional purposes. You can use it to ram other vehicles which in turn restores your nitro gauge. Keep doing these kinds of things and you should always have some nitro spare.

The best route to success is to use these methods to ensure that you almost never run out of nitro while you’re racing. It’s certainly possible.

Know Your Vehicles

Each vehicle type provides a very different experience. It’s wise to know what to expect.
Buggies are light and speedy, meaning they’re ideal for performing jumps.

Rally cars are fast and great at drifting expertly, but don’t expect them to deal with hitting other vehicles very well.

SUVs are great at knocking opponents aside, but they’re terrible at performing tricks. Don’t even consider it. Their greatest skill is their ability to use up nitros slowly.
Muscle cars are good all rounders, but they use up nitro fast.

Pickups, trucks, and monster trucks are tough. They can take out opponents very easily and their nitro is best used when about to ram another car aside.

In each case, before a race, you’ll be given a recommended vehicle rank to give you an idea of your chances. Make sure your rank is similar if not above what’s expected of you. Otherwise, you’ll probably lose.

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