A Flying Jatt – Bollywood is just not ready for this kind of genre

A Flying Jatt

Ra One, Krrish 3, and Drona- superhero movies which have disgraced and disrespected Bollywood on a whole new level.

Congratulations A Flying Jatt, you’ve managed to fall even below that. I get the fact that this movie had a noble message persuading people to save our planet but still, where’s the moral support in this movie.

Prabhu Deva and Farah Khan- choreographers in which they have disrespected themselves as film directors. Although Farah Khan made Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om but after TMK, things got worse. Remo D’ Souza is finally in the same category.

A Flying Jatt
A Flying Jatt

ABCD was a good film. But for this one, the direction and editing for this film was the main reason why I felt like throwing my shoe towards the screen. The VFX looked like the Govinda version of Superman from one of his 90s movies.

The superhero scenes were choreographed very poorly and the characterization was very cringed up. The costume looked like Akshay Kumar when he became King in Singh Is Kingg.

Tiger Shroff should leave the acting sector of the film industry. I mean technically his dance movies are a killer and his action stunts are phenomenal but he just can’t act. Jacqueline Fernandez was like a kid in this movie I mean she had very kiddish instincts in the movie and she just couldn’t leave the comfort zone.

Kay Kay Menon was alright during 1st half but ending it just had to be a drag. Nathan Jones who played the villain Raka was like Sunny Deol in Ghayal because throughout the movie, he just shouts which was annoying. The songs were’t that great except for Beat pe Booty which had good dancing sequences between Tiger and Jackie.

Overall, this movie just failed to entertain and its completely pointless and cringe worthy. Don’t spend your money on this atrocious piece of art and just use it to take your friends out for coffee, Focus on Hollywood if you like superhero movies.

A message for Bollywood Choreographers.

Continue dancing for films but just stay away from the movie cameras and the Director’s chair.

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